John Connors

About us


We are two friends that spent their young age playing arcade video games and had an idea to create a top shooter, the V8ORS - Flying Rat, to play in the free time.

After that, another one come out, the ACE of SPACE, another Android and this time, with Desktop versions for Windows and Mac.

Stay tuned to the next project the Money Lords

Get V8ORS - Flying Rat and ACE of SPACE on Google Play

We have another game ACE of SPACE, published on the Google Play, click on the button!!

What about playing V8ORS-Flying Rat and earn some Qudo Coins?

There's a closed Beta test of V8ORS-Flying Rat to test the game with Qudo coins.
While you are playing you'll earn Qudo (they're on Testnet, they don't have value for now) and use it to "CONTINUE" the game when you die!!
(only on Android )

V8ORS - Flying Rat and ACE of SPACE

Now have QUDO implemented

Try them out at Google Play

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