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We are two friends that spent their young age playing arcade video games and had an idea to create a top shooter, the V8ORS - Flying Rat, to play in the free time.

After that, another one come out, the ACE of SPACE, another Android and this time, with Desktop versions for Windows and Mac.

Stay tuned to the next project the Money Lords

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We have another game ACE of SPACE, published on the Google Play, click on the button!!


Check out the game made at the
Global Game Jam 2018
theme - TransmissioN

There's nothing like taking part of a Global Game Jam,
with this them I ended up having the idea of the Flu Transmission.

This year the Flu is more powerful then ever. There's a lot of people with the symptoms and the transmission is very easy. Avoid contact with people carrying it, they will slow you down and you have to catch the Subway train. After all, we still have to go to our job, right??

Manage to catch the Subway trains before time expires.


MOney lord

A gentleman from the Old School Secret Agent. Works with Honor and Pride. Trained with the most advanced tactical team in the 60’s. Is technics still up to date. Back in the 70's our Hero, a well known Spy, was in a mission to defeat his biggest Enemy, the “Dollar”. A Enemy that has very powerful Allies deep in the Financial Markets. His objective is to take over all the Markets in the world and therefore rule all the politician to his profit.

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